Basic InformationEdit

  • Category: Item
  • Reason for Study: Paranormal
  • Danger Level: Low
  • Designation: POF-3



POF3 is an small bronze dagger with unknown writing down the side, which weighs approximately 450 grams. POF3 shows extreme signs of aging including rusting, cracking and chipping. When POF3 is exposed to blood from a living creature, be in human or otherwise, the blade elongates and repairs itself through an unknown mean. The blade also seems to change its composition into a highly conductive metal as people nearby have experienced getting shocked by it. One staff member has also been heavily injured and was treated for injuries similar to a lightning strike. The blade is no sharper than it was previous either and testing as revealed that the blade is the same composition as before it changed. Other tests into the conductivity are inconclusive. This is not a guarantee but happens fairly often. Within 24 of its last dose of blood, the blade will begin to return to its previous appearance and age.

Containment RulesEdit

POF3 is to be contained in a small insulated and locked chest and is to be opened only under direct order or direct testing. Although POF3 is safe, it should not be removed unless under strict circumstances.


POF3 was found in an abandoned warehouse once belonging to the [PRIVTATE] corporation. The warehouse is believed to have been a holding area for an auction house but not much evidence besides other objects with “Sold” tags on them have been found. Many other objects with abnormal abilities were found and confiscated from the warehouse as well.

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