Basic InformationEdit

  • Category: Organism
  • Reason for Study: Paranormal
  • Danger Level: Medium
  • Designation: POF-4
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POF4 is a young Caucasian girl, approximately 12 years old. She does not completely exist in this dimension and phases in between multiple. The danger comes because nearby object and organisms may phases partially, rarely completely with her. During the time in other dimensions, she is fully coherant and able to convey what she has experienced on the way back. She does not always exist in just one dimension and can sometimes be "copied" across multiple dimensions. She also claims to be technically over 100 years old but during one of her "trips", scientists tested a substance on her to prolong the amount of time they could experiment. She says that she was 8 when injected with this solution. She has shown a limited ability to bring back objects with her through these dimensions. She has expressed that she was originally scared when her ability first presented itself but now has "gotten used to going on rides".


POF4 is to be given a room in the sub-basement floors as it seems to be the safest and most remote location and thus the least able to be damaged by her ability. She is to be given 3 meals a day with as many drinks as requested. She is to be given a full sized bed and her choice of bed linens. She is also to be given any non-confidential and non-violent items that asks for.


POF4 phased into the cafeteria of our facility on [PRIVATE]. She has expressed no ill will towards us and has asked us to end her ability. With our current scientific limits, we cannot stop her ability without killing her in the process. She has fully disclosed all information about her "trips" under the agreement that she is able to do the same regarding her experiences in our dimension.

Puppet the Creator (talk) 21:43, May 28, 2013 (UTC)